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Solutions for paid parking in your city

For paid parking, we will provide you with a complete, multi-channel parking system that will cover the sale of parking tickets across the entire parking policy in your city.

Multi-channel system

Our system is tailored so that everyone can pay for parking tickets in their preferred way.

Open interfaces

Thanks to open API's, our parking technology can be connected with third parties and local authorities.

Modular architecture

Thanks to high scalability, we are able to adapt the system and parking tariffs to your needs.

We have a complete solutions

For a smooth transition to paid parking, we provide complete technological equipment up to additional services and regular maintenance.

Parking meters

Parking machines for selling parking tickets in a standard, self-service manner, with various payment options.

Parking application

A web application through which drivers can get a parking ticket conveniently from a mobile device.

Information system

Cloud-based information system for creating statistics and for remote monitoring of your parking policy in real-time.

Control application

Mobile application for quick check of active parking tickets based on vehicle's license plate number.

Parking meters

Parking ticket sales made easy and conveniently.

Using the touch screen, the driver enters the license plate of the vehicle, selects the required tariff and pays the parking ticket with the preferred payment method. The paid parking ticket can be in paper or digital form.

Payment methods

Payments using cash, debit cards, NFC and QR codes.

Sustainable Energy

Combined power supply thanks to the solar panel.

Price models

One-time purchase of the device or rental based on month payments.

Multi-channel ticket sales

You can also sell tickets using the app

Along with the solution, you will also get a web application that will serve as an additional sales channel for selling parking tickets. Drivers do not necessarily have to use the parking machine, but they can get a parking ticket simply and conveniently using their device.

Easy access

Application does not require installation and is accessible via internet browser.

Online payment

The payment of the ticket is done using payment gateway and the bank card.

E-mail parking ticket

The confirmation and the parking ticket are sent to the driver's email address.

Not sure about your choice?

Contact us and let our team design a suitable solution for you. We will transform our experience into your satisfaction.

Control application

Constant overview and control of paid tickets

The web application allows a simple check of the paid parking fee on the basis of the relevant license plate of the vehicle. It contains all the necessary information for control, easy to read thanks to a friendly user interface.

Easy Availability

Application installing is not required thanks to web-based access.

User-friendly environment

The information to be checked is structured and easy to read.

Application Use

Control of the application is intuitive and undemanding.


The application can be integrated into existing control systems.

Management software

We will connect everything to the information system

In order for you to have a constant overview of the technical condition of the equipment or the tickets sold, we will connect your solution to the WERTYZ information system. Here you will find all the reports needed to monitor and manage your parking policy.

Device Status

Device failure monitoring and maintenance reporting.

Sales Statistics

Ticket reports with the various filtering and sorting options.

Parking Tickets

Real-time tracking of purchased active parking tickets.

We approach customers responsibly.

What will our cooperation look like?


In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we always start the process with an in-depth identification of their needs and goals.


Based on the identified customer requirements, we will propose a suitable architecture of your solution.


You don't have to worry about installation. Our team will ensure all the necessary steps for the seamless use of your system.


We will create complete project documentation for fast and reliable implementation of the proposed solution.


After the completion of the project, our cooperation does not end. We will gladly provide you with after-sales service and regular maintenance of your solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Let's do it together.

Contact us directly or use the contact form. Our team will be happy to help you answer all your questions and propose a solution suitable for your operation.

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