Charging solutions for green municipalities

Provide citizens with EV charging services in your city.

We will be happy to help you master electromobility as quickly and efficiently as possible. Explore our wide range of solutions and provide residents and visitors of your city with EV charging infrastructure.

What do we recommend?

Due to their scalability, our charging stations are suitable for all types and purposes of charging.

For charging in the city center

For outdoor parking lots, we recommend pole charging stations and wallbox versions for underground parking lots.

For large parking lots

For parking lots with high occupancy and traffic, we recommend the Master-slave version in the form of a charging cluster.

For tourist places

If there is an attractive tourist or recreational location in your city, we recommend a charging cluster aswell.

Our charging stations

See our range of charging stations designed for different installations.

AC pole charging station

Freestanding charging post suitable for all types of private and public parking lots.

Compact AC wallbox

Wall-mounted charging station for compact and space-saving vehicle charging.

Charging cluster

A version consisting of an optional number of charging posts operated by a central Master tower.

What can you expect?

With our charging solution, you get a wide range of user benefits and functionalities.

Custom tariffs

Customize price tariffs for visitors, residents or include charging services in the parking ticket fee.

Device monitoring

Together with the charging station, you get a remote management system for identifying faults and reporting service interventions.

EMV cards acceptance

The charging station accepts credit card payments, eliminating the need for charge cards.

Identification options

We will ensure user authorization based on QR codes, charging cards, charging PIN or other identifier.

Easy-to-read reports

Thanks to the WERTYZ information system, you will always have sales statistics and reports at your fingertips.

Mobile application

You can also make charging station services available to your users using a free web application.

Not sure about your choice?

Contact us and let our team design a suitable solution for you. We will translate our experience into the satisfaction of the city, visitors and also your residents.

We approach customers responsibly.

What will our cooperation look like?


In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we always start the process with an in-depth identification of their needs and goals.


Based on the identified customer requirements, we will propose a suitable architecture of your charging solution.


You don't have to worry about installation. Our team will ensure all the necessary steps for the seamless use of your system.


We will create complete project documentation for fast and reliable implementation of the proposed solution.


After the completion of the project, our cooperation does not end. We will gladly provide you with after-sales service and regular maintenance of your solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Let's do it together.

Contact us directly or use the contact form. Our team will be happy to help you answer all your questions and propose a solution suitable for your operation.

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