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Intelligent solutions for your services

At EMcard, we integrate payment, identification and entry systems to bring our partners up-to-date business opportunities and higher performance of their services.


Fully configurable payment system integrating multitude of payment options.


Fast and reliable identification of the user based on an account, card or other identifier.


Systems for making the service available based on payment and user identification.

Our devices

Take a look at our portfolio of devices which is firmly aligned with our PAY-ID-GO philosophy.

Parking meters

Devices for self-service sales of parking tickets with support of various payment options.

Entry validators

Barrier and barrier-free systems for validating purchased tickets in paper or digital form.

Charging stations

The product line of AC charging stations for electric vehicles in various designs.

Vending machines

Information and vending machines intended for providing several services using one device.

With us you get a complete solution

How can we help you?

EMcard has been a provider of leading hardware and software systems supporting digitization for over 20 years. Together with our partners, we bring customers comprehensive solutions focused on end-user satisfaction in various market sectors.


We provide customers with complete hardware equipment.


We develop and provide our devices together with application software.


From consultation and solution design to installation, maintenance and service.

Who are our customers?

We combine our years of experience and expertise in the following market areas.

Cities and municipalities

Parking machines, information and sales kiosks for easy access of citizens to the city services.

Public transport

Technologies for multi-channel sales of travel tickets and their validation, integrated with dispatching systems.

Attendance systems

Enterprise systems for tracking the arrivals and departures of employees, with the possibility of setting up access zones.

Culture and sport

Complete payment solutions for ticket sales, combined with entry check systems allowing access to the venue.


Charging stations for electric vehicles in various architectures for private, public, corporate and commercial use.

Paid parking lots

Modern technological equipment for the transition from unpaid parking to paid parking using parking machines.

We optimize your operation.

Higher revenues, new distribution and sales channels, automated sales, entry control or savings in personnel costs? We can help you with all that.

We will connect the devices to the information system

Cloud-based WERTYZ system for managing your solution

We provide all devices together with cloud software that provides a detailed view of your operation. Thanks to the WERTYZ system, you have all the information at your fingertips.

Tariff and ticket configuration
Sales reports
Device status monitoring
Malfunctions and maintenance alerts

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Let's do it together.

Are you interested in optimizing your current system or do you have any questions? Contact us directly or use the contact form. Our team will be happy to help you answer all your questions and will propose a solution suitable for your operation.

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