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Solutions for paid parking in your city

Find out how to easily increase revenues to the municipal budget from parking services and how to make efficient use of parking spaces.

Budget revenue

Revenues from the parking lot go to the municipality's budget in the form of a tax for the use of extra-urban or urban area.

Personnel cost savings

Automating the collection of parking fees reduces the need for staff and the associated costs for the municipality.

Effective use of parking lots

Paid parking supports short-term parking, which reduces the rate of long-term blocking of parking spaces in the city.

Before we start

What does the paid parking in the city require?

The transition to paid parking is a three-step process. For implementation, it is necessary to provide information traffic signs, facilities for the sale of parking tickets and also control means supervising compliance with the parking policy.

Information signs
Ticketing technology
Checking purchased tickets

We will be glad to help

We have a complete solution

For a smooth transition to paid parking, we provide complete technological equipment up to additional services and regular maintenance.

Parking meters

The parking machine allows easy sale of parking tickets with various payment options.

Ticket control application

A quick control of purchased, active parking tickets based on the vehicle's license plate.

Information system

Central system for creating statistics and for remote monitoring of device status.

Parking meters

Parking ticket sales easily and conveniently.

The parking machine ensures the sale of parking tickets automatically without the need for manpower. Using the touch screen, the driver enters the license plate of the vehicle, selects the required tariff and pays the parking ticket with the preferred payment method. The paid parking ticket can be in paper or digital form.

Control application

Constant overview and control of paid tickets

The web application allows a simple check of the paid parking fee on the basis of the relevant license plate of the vehicle. It contains all the necessary information for control, easy to read thanks to a friendly user interface.

Management software

We will connect everything to the information system

In order for you to have a constant overview of the technical condition of the equipment or the tickets sold, we will connect your solution to the WERTYZ information system. Here you will find all the reports needed to monitor and manage your parking policy.

The village of Súľov already uses paid parking services for the benefit of the development of the village.

Will your municipality join?

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