Barrier and barrier-free solutions for validation

Switch to reliable and modern entry control.

With the help of our turnstiles, you will get an automated solution for managing and controlling the flow of your customers. Thanks to their modularity, they are suitable for any operation or any HR department.

Our entry validators

See our range of entry validators designed for different installations.

Validator Compact

Design version in column version without printer, suitable for space-saving installations.

Validator Standard

Standard entry validator suitable for indoor and outdoor installations with the option of integrating a payment system.

Wide applicability in practice

Where can entry validators be used?

Thanks to high scalability, entry validators are the ideal solution for all operations where the control of paper or digital tickets is required. Our solutions are mainly used in the following areas.

Public transport

Validation of tickets, cards, EMV cards and QR codes directly in the public transport vehicle.

Sports grounds

Reliable access to sports activities with the support of season tickets.

Attendance systems

Attendance records and setting access levels to prevent unauthorized access.


Allow visitors to enter the venue smoothly thanks to quick ticket validation.


Reliable control of entry to museums or theaters with the possibility of capacity restrictions.

Catering and dining halls

A fast and reliable solution for issuing meals, including the support of recharging meal cards.

What can you expect?

With automated entry control, you get a wide range of benefits and functionalities.

Saving of personnel costs

Validation of visitors or employees takes place automatically without the need for manual control.

High level of reliability

Entry validators ensure a low error rate and maximum reliability when checking and validating tickets.

Smooth and fast movement of people

Quick validation and ease of use make it possible to avoid long waits and the formation of long queues.

Real-time reviews and reports

Thanks to the WERTYZ system, you will always have information about the use and capacity of your operation at your fingertips.

Not sure about your choice?

Contact us and let our team design a suitable solution for you. We will translate our experience into the satisfaction of the city, visitors and also your residents.

We approach customers responsibly.

What will our cooperation look like?


In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we always start the process with an in-depth identification of their needs and goals.


Based on the identified customer requirements, we will propose a suitable architecture of your charging solution.


You don't have to worry about installation. Our team will ensure all the necessary steps for the seamless use of your system.


We will create complete project documentation for fast and reliable implementation of the proposed solution.


After the completion of the project, our cooperation does not end. We will gladly provide you with after-sales service and regular maintenance of your solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Let's do it together.

Contact us directly or use the contact form. Our team will be happy to help you answer all your questions and propose a solution suitable for your operation.

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